Offering the gift of physical and spiritual sight.

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Welcome to Eye Doc in a Box - Medical Missions Training

What is Eye Doc in a Box?

I am Dr. David Curtis and I created Eye Doc in a Box to train layman to be able to complete an eye clinic in a third world environment.

First, I am committed to communicating the love of Jesus Christ through providing eye care to persons in third world environments; so that I and those that complete the training can share with each patient how they can experience spiritual sight through being born again.

Second, I have now been on over 52 medical mission trips and examined over 50,000 patients. From my experience as a doctor and what I have learned doing these clinics, I created Eye Doc in a Box. It is a training to train layman to conduct eye clinics so that even more people can be blessed with better sight.

Eye clinic at a medical mission trip

I want to teach you what I have learned treating these patients so that you can lead a successful eye clinic medical mission trip. I want your first eye clinic to be what many of my students have experienced, "the greatest experience of their life".

If you are interested in attending a training or hosting a training, please contact me directly.

We look forward to serving you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me personally at dlcurtis1895@gmail.com or call me at 704-562-7290.

Dr. David Curtis, O.D.